About Us

The Meraki Story

Allow me to introduce you

Some businesses love to take the hassle out of their marketing efforts and hire an agency to deliver results. For others, using a marketing agency isn’t within their budget. Meraki not only deliver marketing services, but also offers the options of taking the marketing agency out of the picture and teaches you to run your own digital marketing campaigns.  After all, no one knows your business like you.

Learn in a way that suits you. Whether you’d like to attend one of our regular public workshops or you’d prefer a more personalised in-house experience, we can help.

Clear Communication

Just plain, simple English. We leave the jargon at the door.


Continuous support with your ongoing strategy and KPIs.

Highly Skilled

Over 8 years of experience running our own campaigns.

Meet the founder

Meraki was founded by digital marketing professional, Jen Allen. With over 8 years experience working in digital marketing agencies and leading teams of SEO experts, PPC professionals and social media specialists, Jen decided to launch Meraki to focus on helping smaller business achieve their goals. In her spare time, you’ll find Jen blogging, hiking and spending time with her young daugher.